The best guaranteed hosting service. Enjoy the comfort of our level of services and live a unique experience.

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We put at your disposal all our experience and our spaces so that your most important events are perfect. Those dates marked that you and yours will remember forever.

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Theme Parks

Thematic parks where you can enjoy attractions, shows, culture, gastronomy, nature … Spaces for fun and leisure for the whole family.

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Games of chance, great and artistic shows. Fun and disconnection assured.

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Georges Santa-Maria is the leader of a dynamic business group that is constantly growing. Hotels, theme parks, vineyards, casinos and real estate properties throughout the world, among other endeavours, are what strengthen the group’s work day by day.

Present realities and future projects

are created with the best raw materials, melding with the tireless work of a team of professionals in service of quality and in search of success.

The opening to other markets and the continuous international projection define the identity of our group.

The Santa-Maria Group is always in action

and enriches all its activities by taking advantage of new ideas and current trends, with the aim of continuing to look for new market niches and innovative lines of business.

Endorsed by a solid business career with consolidated projects around the world.

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